The Rotary Club of Allen invites you to join your friends and neighbors in Allen, Texas in displaying the U.S. flag on seven designated holidays. The Flag Lease Program is the primary fund raiser for the Rotary Club of Allen and with those funds, we provide health, humanitarian, and youth service programs throughout our community, nation and the world. We purchase the flags, display, store, and maintain them—it is all done for you. The flags are the property of the Rotary Club of Allen.   
We serve Allen neighborhoods that are EAST of Central Expressway (US-75), SOUTH of Exchange Parkway, WEST of Allen Heights Drive and NORTH of Chaparral Drive.
The cost for a one year flag lease is $50 – Our Rotary year runs July -June so if you subscribe at any other time than late June to begin on Independence Day, we will prorate your subscription. 

Flag Holidays

  • Independence Day – July     
  • Labor Day - September                     
  • Patriot Day  - September               
  • Veterans Day - November
  • Presidents’ Day - February      
  • Memorial Day - May     
  • Flag Day - June                 
The annual lease includes a 5' x 3' flag on a 10 foot pole for all seven holidays, plus the installation of a small unobtrusive, PVC sleeve in your lawn (where the flag pole will be seated each holiday). It is installed so that you can run your lawn mower over it with no problem.  No brackets or fixtures are attached to your home.  After you pay for your subscription, we will send someone to your home to install the bracket and mark your curb unobtrusively so we can find the sleeve each time. 
The flags will be delivered by Rotarian volunteers, usually one – three days before the holiday, and will be picked up with one – three days after the holiday (weather and volunteer schedule permitting). 
NOTE: When you subscribe, PLEASE allow 10 days prior to a holiday to ensure that your bracket can be installed and your address added to the flag route.  If you subscribe within the 10 days prior to a holiday, you will be processed for flag delivery for the next flag holiday. 
To subscribe to our Flag Program: